Booking Terms and Conditions

  • Payment can be made by cash or credit card.
  • Check-in time is 2:00 pm and check-out time is 12 noon.
  • Early check-in is subject to room availability.
  • For late check-out request, an additional charge is applicable.

Hotel Rules and Management Policies

In order to make your vacation as hospitable as possible, The Hotel requests your co-operation in abiding by the rules of the Hotel:


Check-in time is at 2 pm; please present your identity card or passport and hotel vouchers if applicable.

 Check out/departure

Check out time is 12 noon; please request from the reception if the room is available for a longer time. A fee will be requested for this action.

Early check-in

Upon arrival at the hotel, the management will inform you if the room is ready for check-in.

Settlements of payments

All payments must be settled upon arrival to the hotel. Cash or credit cards are accepted.

Guest’s Valuables

The hotel will not be responsible for any lost items; there are safety boxes available in every room, please be sure to use them so nothing goes missing.

Guest’s belongings in rooms

Guests are asked to make sure they have locked their rooms before leaving or while sleeping. The hotel management will not be responsible for any loss or theft.

Damage to hotel property or loss of room card or key

The guest will be responsible to reimburse the hotel for any damage done while on their stay. Loss of key cards or keys will result in a replacement fee.

Luggage Storage

If the fee to stay longer in the rooms does not want to be paid there is another reception area for luggage to be stored. The hotel will not take responsibility for any stolen or lost items while they are in this area.



Fire safety policy

The hotel is fully equipped with evacuation plans in all rooms, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and evacuation plans on all floors.

Pet Policy

No pets are permitted on the hotel premises. Smoking Policy

Smoking is permitted only on the balconies of each room but not inside the rooms. And allowed outside the reception of the hotel but not inside and not in the elevator.


The Hotel Management reserves the right to require a guest to leave if he/she is causing a disturbance, interrupting the other guests or the hotel staff or is behaving in an unacceptable manner. It is agreed that the guest will act in a responsible manner otherwise he/she will be asked to leave, and it will be his/her responsibility to find other accommodations and there will be no return of payment.

Housekeeping service

We provide housekeeping service every day except Sundays, until 4 Pm.


General Policy

Blue Waves Hotel has a zero-tolerance policy in which it will refuse services or accommodation to anyone who: while staying at the hotel acts in an intoxicated or disorderly manner towards the staff or any of the other guests, destroys hotel property or causes a public disturbance; or refuses or is unable to pay for accommodation or services.

The hotel management will limit the amount of people who may occupy a particular room and therefore will only permit the registered guests from staying at the accommodation. No unregistered guests will be entitled to remain at the premises overnight.

A guest who, intentionally damages any property during their stay, will be liable for damages and payment must be settled before the departure date.